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Sort of like saying every marine pilot is a fighter pilot.

Tactical situation, 1000 hours 18 July 1944 (p.62-63) Map 5. Strategic Situation on the Eastern Front, 23 August 1944 (p.83) ___________________________________________________________ (Chris Henry.Edit: Just to clarify, I’m just stating there is some misinformation/misconceptions in this thread.Obviously the USMC operates under and with the Navy, that’s the reason why there is no Secretary of the Marine Corps.Iran also demands some billion in customer assets that are being held in Clearstream, are also set to be turned over to the US and Luxembourg.In April 2016, the US Supreme Court held that some billion in Iranian assets should be handed over to American families for the 1983 bombing of a US Marine Corps barracks in Beirut, a claim that has been denied by the Iranian authorities.I was also just pointing out why the marines and navy are closely associated historically. It's not an approval process per se, it's an acquisition/procurement process.Letting NAVAIR handle this end of the logistical chain keeps costs down for us.When you are a member of the US Marine Corps, you've earned your place as one of the most elite members of the military.Marine Corps single members at Marine Corps Click Here Finding your true Marine Corps match is a fun, exciting, and rewarding experience.Osprey development nearly broke Marine Air permanently. But back to the beginning of this, all the aviation documentation in the Marine Corps is derived from NAVAIR, as it all starts in the five sided puzzle palace in D. and goes to Pax River to be flight tested and validated in conjunction with the brain trust in St. Then it gets to the model manager and the smarty-smarts therein before being pushed out to the operation squadrons. Thrustmaster Warthog Thrustmaster MFD Cougars MFG Crosswind Naturalpoint Track IR 5 & Track Clip Pro Corsair K70 RGB LUX Corsair M65 Pro RGB Intel i7-7770K Gigabyte G Ti Asrock Z270 Fatal1ty Z270 K6 16GB DDR4 G.Skill Trident Z C15The part of the supply and logistics being discussed was purely aviation.

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