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Don't remember if it was you and Scottie, but one night coming back from the Royal Oak, me and my roommate Paul Katich, we went off the road into a field and rolled over and the other car (again don't remember if it was you and Scottie in a volkswagon beetle) went off the other side of the road, no one was hurt but Pauls MG was totaled.

[email protected] L Bowlby (24/11/17) Looking to see if there is any information on Morris (Mo) Ivans who was on Able Flight at RAF Chicksands 1966 - 1969.It was the most interesting 3 hours I have spent in a museum.There is an American,who was stationed there from 63 to 71, who talks a little about his time at Chicksands.If you are going to the reunion be sure to schedule a visit to the Military Intelligence Museum on base.You must contact them at least 3 days prior to schedule a visit.We assist lonely hearts find each other and hook up.You can browse profiles made by singles, swingers and couples from around the USA and Canada.I know my mother had connections with Chicksands and that my father was a US Airforce man [email protected] Simmons (6/1/2018) I was stationed at RAF Chicksands, from August 1964 - July 1967 with the 6950th Com Squadron.Got married on the base chapel and reception in the Priory on October 22, 1966..Datinglynx helps to find a partner right to your needs and wishes in your local.Art Baker (6/4/2018) I just returned from England on Thursday.

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