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Though Leaked Source reports that some of the leaked passwords were cryptographically hashed to protect them, others were left unencrypted, and even the protected ones were easily cracked in almost all cases."Neither method is considered secure by any stretch of the imagination," Leaked Source writes.

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The data includes more than 339 million accounts on Adult Friend—which advertises itself as the "the world’s largest sex & swinger community"—as well as tens of millions accounts from and

of sensitive information like usernames and passwords represents a privacy catastrophe.

But when those credentials link breach victims to sex sites, the consequences go beyond the risk of a hacked credit card or Twitter account and into the realm of humiliation and blackmail.

For the breach's victims, the usual post-hack advice applies: Immediately change your passwords on the affected sites if Friend Finder hasn't yet reset them, as well as on any site where you've reused those passwords.

(And in general, don't reuse passwords.) But in this situation, victims should also stay tuned for any sign that the leaked data has been published in plain view—and brace for what may yet become a more serious violation of their online life.

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