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Spinchat users have no lives, therefore they have no friends in real life.

SPi Nchat became famous when IRC replicated the protocols used by the Spinchat system. The forums are heavily moderated in some areas, and not at all in others.

The programmers sued every IRC user for €10 million - providing them with enough money to write a better chat system in Microsoft's visual basic 6. For example, the international board is moderated by a user who stays online all night and refreshes the page every 10 seconds, in case a posting contains a bad word.

This usually happens when they communicate with their gods.

The most popular and over-filled room is 'International' and is mostly full of easy women (who are eager to have camsex with rich American playboys) and desperate men (who wish they could afford the women).

They are not to be confused with bots, as bots would: There are also rooms known as temporary rooms, where sexually confused emo teenagers hang out and play with bots and dongles.

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When creating a room, the creator becomes an Op and may Op all of their Spin friends.In other regions, Off-Topic boards are not moderated at all - therefore fundamentalist Christians and moody atheists post whatever seems appropriate.The Administration posts once per year on the announcements board, providing everyone with a generic holiday greeting and a happy new year message.They come online to "troll" on people to feel strong.Trolls need your support and donations to prevent their extinction and persecution. A majority being pensioners who have attached a toilet to their computer chairs so they don't have to leave when requiring to take a dump.Server operators like to join infrequently to caress their nuts and hopefully get a few underage chatters phone numbers and home addresses.Other rooms once existed and were popular until they became saturated with the Op Overlords, resulting in the death of conversation.Although there being an abundance of chat clients for Spinchat, no one is happy.Noobs want more, and will even pay for to see channel text in a different color/font.In the meantime they like to try and chat up programmers, to try and get them to write one.Administration have implemented a shortcut feature on the visual basic server to try and thwart flooding attempts.

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