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Some even say that dogs that resemble the today’s breed have been spotted in Tibet, because there are some mentions in Chinese written documents dating back from 1121 BC.

Just to understand how big and powerful an individual of the Great Dane breed can be, you should know that they were created to hunt boars, but that characteristic has been bred out until now.

Dogs that look like the Great Danes appear on ancient artifacts from Egypt (3000 BC) and in some temples from Babylon (2000 BC).

They all meant the same – a giant dog with a heavy head used for fighting or hunting purposes.

You will be surprised to know that first mention of a dog resembling this breed was made in a written document, in China in the year 1121 BC.

The practice of cropping the ears has been banned in some countries. The head is rectangular and long, while the muzzle is deep with a strong square jaw.

The As we already mentioned a number of times, the Great Dane is also called a Gentle Giant due to his meek personality and gentle nature.Generally, a male should be about 32-34” in height and weights from 120 and up to 200 pounds.When it comes to females, they are smaller, 28-32 “ tall and they weigh around 120 pounds.Some even enroll them in a puppy kindergarten so they can get used to different dogs.Therefore is it okay to assume that the Great Dane belongs to the dogs who are sweet by nature, but often judged by their looks.His appearance may be imposing and scary, but his heart is not.He is often seeking his owner’s affection and attention and he is great with children.According to the American Kennel Club, this dog breed ranks as the 24 most popular in the US, which means that more and more people are rediscovering their sweet and gentle personalities combined with great and noble looks.This sweet and people-oriented furry friend will give you all of his heart and love eagerly. There is no known reason for connecting Denmark with either the origin or the development of the Great Dane; it was ‘made’ in Germany, and it was a German fanciers who led the world in breeding some of the finest specimens.The Great Dane is a very old breed, cultivated as a distinct type for probably 400 years, if not longer.The breed has a different name according to the region you’re in: for example in France it’s called the .

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