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The overly specific will fail to match when it should. topic: ) ^reuse (AGE) A topic is invoked in gambit mode or responder mode.The task is simultaneously easier and harder on mobile, where users type less. In gambit mode, it dishes out its gambits in order.

For example a rule can enable or disable another rule, or can reuse its output script and rejoinders as its own. But it can be arbitrarily complex code with or without output text.Pattern matching in Chat Script is both concise and powerful, yet usually easy to read. Determiners Text numbers like two thousand and twenty one and place numbers like second transcribe into digit format and floating point numbers migrate to integers if they match value exactly. This simple topic illustrates a bunch of useful points about Chat Script. Second, we usually ask a question and then provide our answer. Third, we often put the significant output on a gambit and reuse it from a responder.Patterns can consist of keywords and wildcards of varying specificity, tests on context, and tests on negative space (that some keywords do not appear). Using Chat Script’s pattern matching, while the system cannot understand meaning in general, you can write patterns to trap specific meanings, which is a very close approximation in many cases. Putting meat on a responder is wasteful, because the user never hears it unless he asks for it.The in parens specifies when a rule is allowed to trigger. That code can loop, execute conditionally, invoke topics (bundles of rules), call engine routines, adjust variables, inference through facts, etc. where the macro ^WHAT_YOU_FAVORITE takes in one argument and covers all manner of inputs that mean ) You are obviously not a vegan.Gambits don’t usually care about user input and are not required to have a pattern, though if they want to be context sensitive they can have one. Pattern Matching was a TV game show where you tried to guess a tune by hearing as few notes from it as possible. This pattern matches the user saying most forms of liking or eating some kind of meat.On the other hand, if the chatbot volunteers it first and later the user asks the question anyway (maybe the user forgot the answer), the chatbot will use the responder to restate the answer (by default reuse() can say even an erased rule).Parsing and Introspection Chat Script has a built in part-of-speech tagger and parser, and performs proper name identification, idiom substitution, and spell checking.Bruce wrote it specifically to circumvent major failings in other chat languages. Generally, rules have four parts: – a rejoinder at a given level of nesting.Chat Script is an expert system, generally matching inputs via patterns of meaning to specific outputs. Gambits are available when the chatbot wants to volunteer output.A pattern is encased in parens, so all data after the closing paren is output. I really love the essence of you s: LOVE ( I * love * you) That is sweet of you. We always put a sample input comment above a rule (#! This allows one to skim code without having to interpret script, to see what you’ve covered. Standardization Chat Script simultaneously matches multiple forms of a keyword. We prefer to volunteer as much content as possible.The above responder reacts only to statements (s:). It also allows the system to manipulate the rule in various ways for automated testing. And there’s no reason to script it twice, hence we do a reuse to a label.

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