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Meg, however, started getting paranoid that Lee was having an affair with her nursing school friend Iris Fairchild, who was working for Lee as his secretary.

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They planned to marry the day that Jessie and Phil's divorce was finalized.

On the night of September 24, 1971, Audrey came home with Stevie and a gun. The truth about Stevie came out and all the evidence pointed to Audrey being the murderer.

Audrey, however, adamantly told Steve that she was innocent, and he believed her.

The early years of General Hospital revolved around the seventh floor of a hospital, the internal medicine department, in an unnamed mid-sized city in the Eastern US. Steve Hardy was the Chief of Internal Medicine and the main character of the show. Hardy spent what seemed like all his time at the hospital--his days, his nights, and even his weekends--seeing patients and completing paperwork.

Because of all the time and attention he gave his work, his fiance Peggy Mercer left him for writer Roy Lansing in the fall of 1963. She came to visit her much older sister Nurse Lucille March, who was the senior nurse on the seventh floor, but decided to stay when she met Steve. Steve and Audrey became engaged, then briefly broke up, but got back together when Steve helped Audrey recover from lymphoma. Audrey was worried when she failed to get pregnant after two years of trying, so she secretly had herself artificially inseminated.

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