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The Sarays as the headquarters of the Great Princes, or Khans 3.4. The Mongols as participants of the XIV century crusades Chapter 6 The Battle of Kulikovo 1. Kulishki in Moscow and the Church of All Saints built in honour of the warriors slain in the Battle of Kulikovo on the Slavyanskaya Square in Moscow 2.3.The information about the Battle of Kulikovo: origins and present condition 2.4.

The first period: from times immemorial to the middle of the IX century a.d. The second period: from the middle of the IX century to the middle of the XII – the Kiev Russia starting with Ryurik and ending with Yuri Dolgoroukiy (of Rostov) 7.3. The "Tartar and Mongol conquest" and the Orthodox Church 4. The Cossacks were the regular army of Russia (Horde) 4.2. The tourist sights presented as the famous "Sovereign's Court", where the Archbishop of Novgorod the Great had resided 12.4. The hypothesis about the origins of the Muslim era of Hegira 2.2.

The Radzivilovskaya chronicle from Königsberg as the primary source of the Povest Vremennyh Let 3.1.

The true identity of Mongolia and the Tartar and Mongol invasion. The XVI-XVII century and the edict of Aleksey Mikhailovich 1.2. The reasons why all the founders of the Russian historical school were foreign 3.

The numeration of the chronicle's pages and the "bull's head" watermark 4. The mysterious "extra" page in the Povest Vremennyh Let 4.5.

The origins of the chronicle's most important copies 3.2.

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