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Average length time dating marriage

Getting married turned out to be a really good excuse to have a good old knees-up with those people who mean the most to me and that has got to be worth at least as much as a piece of paper. The youngest in the world 33.2 The average for women in Jamaica.

Our first child had just turned three months and, ever since my mum's friend who is a lawyer and more sensible than I am insisted it would make dealing with bureaucracy, should anything terrible happen to either of us, much easier if we'd sign a wedding certificate, I'd started dropping hints, namely telling my boyfriend repeatedly, "We need to get married".

By national standards, 27 is not particularly young to wed. I'm from London and like most of my friends who grew up here, I felt life was much too interesting to give it all up and get hitched.

That's a difference of about 8 someone before walking down the aisle?

The study revealed that modern couples are waiting longer than ever before: 4.9 years, to be exact!

The average age for first-time marriers is 32 for men and 30 for women.

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Getting married in your twenties is for losers, right? Will Dean & Charlotte Philby put the case for getting the whole thing out of the way early doors Will...On average, couples will spend 3.5 years living together before marriage, and nearly nine in 10 couples (89 percent) live together in some capacity beforehand," a Refinery29 article stated.Hamish Shephard, the founder of Bridebook, said, "It is fantastic to see how marriage is evolving with today's modern couples for the positive.As I looked at the age my parents married and wondered why on Earth anyone would marry so young, so it's likely that my own kids will wonder what on Earth I was playing at getting married at 27. I was 27 when he proposed, while simultaneously changing our daughter's nappy as I swept the floor in a rented apartment in Brooklyn on a trip to visit friends.It was marginally more romantic than it sounds, though it needn't have been.My brother-in-law did the cooking (fortunately he is a chef), and our friends came down the night before to spruce up the dilapidated barn for the big event. Selected highlights include our daughter having a fit in the middle of the speeches (which were mercifully short), my husband passing out in another room on our wedding night, and me accidentally sending half the guests to the wrong pub several miles away, on foot, with no map and no phone reception, for a hungover lunch the next day. I'm also pretty sure it was not the happiest day of my life – other people's weddings are far more enjoyable – but I danced until my feet bled (and was summoned by my mother to go to bed in the same room as my then eight-month-old daughter), surrounded by most of my friends and family.And while I still feel like a bit of a phoney when referring to "my husband", I wouldn't change a moment of it.Nothing wrong with taking some time to get to know each other.Here's how those 4.9 years break down: "1.4 years (17 months) of dating before moving in together, living together for 1.83 years (22 months) before getting engaged, and spending 1.67 years (20 months) engaged before getting married.This try-before-you-buy approach to matrimony looks like it's only going to increase.No doubt adults who graduate in the next few years, with five-times the debt we left university with, will see marriage as even less of a priority. As Terence Blacker wrote in this newspaper earlier this year, mine is – hopefully!

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