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Been dating for one month

You've been spending a crap load of time with the guy. you say you aren't in a rush to jump into a relationship well guess what? By gawd don't start pestering him asking him what's wrong and did I do something wrong or is there someone else???? Don't assume anything bad either, like he's a player or an a$$.

Making plans together, but no life-altering plans (i.e. He says he needs space, and I respect that, I'm in no rush to jump into a commited relationship, but I do enjoy spending time together. I have been down this road before and am trying keep perspective in this situation, thats why I asked for a guys advice. I think i have learned not to take things personally anymore, just wondering if its worth my time. My point is that there are a hundred different things that may have caused his about face. Since last week he has been acting a little oddly, not calling as much, putting off plans etc. We have been seeing alot of eachother yes, but he has been asking me out. I do like him, but have been careful to keep things light and to get ahead of myself....We dont need to keep analyzing everything and looking for hidden meanings.I'd give him his space, go do whatever makes you happy, see your friends, go out for dinner, do all the things you did before you met him.You also stated a few times: If this is the case, I can see where he may have taken interest in another person.By the sounds of things, you don't put much of an effort into the relationship but you have expectations from the relationship.....Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. I am a little confused because its been him initiating our meetings, him that texts and calls, and now we are moving too fast.... Live your life, enjoy yourself, and don't think too much or too hard about it. Don't come off desparate by putting up with anyones BS!!Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I also still think you should call him in a couple of days to say 'what's up? If it seems like he is uncomfortable or uninterested in talking with you, then you have your answer and move on. If someone wants to form a relationship with you - they make every effort to do so and there are no lingering questions as to where you are going with them. Well when someone says that line to you weither your male or female that means they don't want to date you any more ! give him some space and in a couple of days call him real casual just to see how he is doing and to say hello. If not, then ask him if he wants to meet up for a coffee or a walk or something. Give the guy some room and let him breathe because from what I read you are asphixiating the guy.

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