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Whether or not he earns your vote, you’re sure to have fun riding in his boat!Hailing from a long line of witches in Salem, Massachusetts, Sarah B. All the college students, food, and events are downright awful.

Unfortunately he suffers from tachophobia (fear of speed) and in his constant position of last place, he got to looking around at the scenery and learned all about Boston’s sites!

His driver helps keep his tour to 80-minutes as if he were in charge it would be a three hour tour!

He has attempted to repeat this miracle on countless occasions to no avail. Fabulous will count down all the greatest hits of Boston’s storied past.

Upon the recommendation of a qualified therapist, Jam Adams took up a new pastime- Boston history. Within a matter of months, he could string together a coherent narrative of Boston’s history and architecture, and that’s when Boston Duck Tours welcomed him to the team. She can’t tell you exactly when—that might produce a significant effect on the course of history, and would go against International Time Traveler’s Law. From the British occupation of the 1760s to the British invasion of the 1960s, Doctor Fabulous keeps Boston’s present and past alive and rocking while his duck is rolling. Filibuster is a lifelong politician…who has yet to win an election.

Sharing Doc’s belief that gambling is a losing and dishonorable game, our own Duck Holliday has learned to make an honest living through the noble game of poker.

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In his years as a card shark, Duck has learned when to hold ‘em, when to molt ‘em, when to waddle away, and when to “Quack”! My great great great grandmother envisioned me working for the Boston Duck Tours. I tried my hand in the family business and I was terrible-it was not in the cards! I remembered my great great great grandmother’s premonition!

I've never walked the Freedom Trail, or on cobblestone streets.

Duck Holliday is the great, great grandson of the famous card shark and O. Oh, and also as a tour guide in the beautiful city of Boston. I became a perfume spritzer at the local department store and stunk at it…As I left the store in a cloud of fury and Dior perfume I picked up the ads and saw an audition for the Boston Duck Tours.

He has trained in Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, Karate, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Tieing a bow tie, Kickboxing, Boxing and Box kicking. Even though his lineage is important, he is best known for a performance at Brandeis in 1996 where he played a drum solo for a small audience that was both “heard” and “felt” using nothing but the power of brain waves.

It was a Revolutionary feat that defied science, and Jam was only twelve years old at the time. He quit fishing, went to Harvard Medical School, and became a Sturgeon. “Quack, Quack” Hitting the airwaves five times a day from the mobile studio of DUKW, Dr.

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