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( Pickup ) Those guys have studied pickup and use a ton of PUA concepts and routines.

What they have isn’t “pure bluster and confidence” and above average looks.

It has nothing to do with their looks, as long as you think that way you’re in the wrong headspace.

Thinking on it, I may have been a little unfair to Brad P and his game techniques.There are a dozen subtle subcommunications going on in how they approach women that allow the random/offensive stuff they say to not just work but build attraction.I won’t get into it all, study pickup literature, go out and approach girls, observe naturals, etc.There is more — much more — to a good opener than the words that come out of your mouth.Ya Really offers up some detail: [The Horse Opener] works for Brad P because he delivers it well.This is not the case for experienced womanizers, who have the self-confidence and comfortable familiarity with their skills that they don’t feel strange talking about things that would rattle mere mortals just trying hard not to sound like a social pariah.Ya Really continues: You’re missing everything that’s going on in those “Simple Pickup” videos.A PUA concept is “what you feel, she feels”, so she pings off him to see if he’s embarrassed or apologetic about what he said and when he’s not, she feels like it must be okay.This is why when you go up with an opener you don’t think will work, it won’t work, and when you think it will work, it works. Their voice tonality is loud, clear, and authoritative.Congruency — Once she asked him a question about what he was getting at, he backed away from his initial boldness, and tried to explain himself. Misinterpretation — If anything, she was misinterpreting him.Frame Control — As soon as she tossed that first “are you a weirdo?

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