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The divisions here take different forms; they are matters of race, politics, family and love. And then they became sure that it never would be again. How do you divide something that is whole, and not end up with two broken halves? He agreed to rehab, planning to finish and get out quick. Addicts both white and black knew who he was and, still, they held him up, loved him. Finally, after nearly dying from stomach disease (eaten up by hate, he says) he decided to go public, help others, apologize for the rest of his life, if need be.

Nelson and Cunningham have been together for 21 years and have always had political differences. Nelson recoils at Trump’s caustic manner and wonders what it says about the country’s values.

Cunningham sees Trump’s impulsive tweets and biting speeches as bluster; he supports Trump for the foreign policy team he has assembled, the judges he’s appointed, and the government regulations he has dismantled. “I’ve been shellshocked since the election,” Nelson says.

“We are a microcosm of what America is,” Cunningham said.

They’ve realized throughout their years together — and now more than ever — that when it comes to relationships and love, there are a lot more meaningful topics to discuss than politics.

I'm taking her to Venice, Paris, and we had honeymoon suites because they're the nicest rooms.'So I think she was having some grandiose ideas, meanwhile I'm too dumb to pick up on any clues.'Host Osher Gunsberg suggested Adam should propose to Chloe when they visit Australia next year.

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But the Workaholics star said he is likely to wait a bit longer before popping the question.They're the adorable Hollywood power couple who have been dating since 2015.But a recent romantic European getaway wasn't enough for Adam De Vine to seal the deal with girlfriend Chloe Bridges, he has revealed.The 33-year-old said on Tuesday that he believed Chloe expected him to propose during their trip in August, but he didn't pick up on the clues.'I think we had been dating long enough that maybe she thought I was going to propose.It will be the first comedy show for the star to bring to Australia, with him set to perform in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.This Christmas, we profile people who decided to connect with others who were standing too far away, backs turned, ears shut tight. Theirs was the kind of marriage other couples would be jealous of — until it wasn’t. How were she and Barnes going to go from having one life together to having two separate ones? In 1990, he was pulled over, drunk, with an illegal .44 in the car. Two years later, he had quit the Klan, endured death threats, gone into seclusion. It took years to understand where he’d been, how to get back.The anonymous author — let’s call the writer “B” — had included footnotes and extensive thoughts on the enduring hideousness of the United States. An impossibility, you might think, and sometimes it is. ” These only provoked another gusher from B, and more arguments, dribbling into long threads of mutual obstinance. “His grandfather was a Chinese indentured servant.” His parents both immigrated to what he grew up believing is a flawed but worthy — and endlessly improving — United States.“That’s a pretty dumb viewpoint,” one of the first comments ventured. Staring at a screen in his dorm room, Brandon Chin-Shue’s immediate reaction to B’s text was much like the others: “To try and find a part of their view that was weakest, and kick away,” he said. Brandon was a bright, somewhat stubborn sophomore at the Georgia Institute of Technology.After they left the party early together, Nelson removed the Clinton swag on display at their house.He started what he called the long mourning process of coming to terms with the election result.

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