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Bt home hub not updating dyndns

For my hobby web site I use the domain name which I registered with a domain name company called uk.

The BT Home Hub Manager control panel will ask for confirmation that you are really intending to modify the Advanced Settings on a separate page.However, if it's your own web site then for the relative inexpensive cost (normally around £10 to register a domain for 2 years) it's nice to have your own personal domain name.For more about getting a Domain Name, please see me related Blog post: Acquiring and configuring a Domain Name I have always historically used a Dynamic DNS service called freedns.The BT Home Hub, also have some inbuilt settings for controlling Dynamic DNS, but unfortunately the freedns.service that I use is not currently one of the supported ones.To have a look at the available options on your BT Home Hub, you need to explore the "Advanced Settings" on your BT Home Hub Manager control panel.To use a Free Dynamic DNS updating service that is not supported by your BT Home Hub, such as, you need to configure the settings directly on their web site and then ensure (if you are using your own Domain Name) that you have updated the DNS settings for the domain record accordingly.More about the domain configuration can be see in my Blog post Acquiring and configuring a Domain Name.I have currently got the 3.0 version, but I believe that there may also be v1.0, v1.5 and v2.0 being used by some people.I previously had the version 1.0 device and using the method described below was able to successfully configure Dynamic DNS.The only way you will not see immediate results is if you have cached a query on your computer by looking it up PRIOR to configuring it in the Free DNS program.The initial set up of the 'A' record will set something called the "Destination" ip address and whilst it will not always be the same in the future.

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