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So you can see some music chats, chat for selfie and as example my own chat about my photos and some interesting news. The technology integrated into ICQ determines the mask’s position by tracking basic points on your eyes, cheeks, eyebrows, forehead and nose, and adapts to your movements and facial expressions. ICQ has become the first messenger to seamlessly integrate neural networks.The new mask function is powered by the cutting-edge LUNA face recognition platform developed by the Russian company Vision Labs, a global leader in computer vision. You can use them to edit photos in the new version of ICQ for Android.

Remember that cool feature − finding a new friend on the other side of the Earth?

You just had to enter a few parameters in an ICQ search.

By the way, the catalogue adjusts individually to each user and depends on their status, interests and the Live Chats their friends are in.

The new ICQ has a separate tab with a list of Live Chats.

But despite its considerable age, ICQ is a contemporary multi-platform messenger that unifies all the functions necessary for comfortable communication.

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Here are the main points you should know about ICQ.

This means all your conversations will remain strictly confidential: the encryption works by default on all calls without any additional setup.

You can invite all your friends into an ICQ group chat.

What’s more, ICQ will display people you might know or who have mutual friends with you. Cats, pandas, a whole range of other characters and, of course, popular memes…

All ICQ stickers are free of charge, and their quantity is constantly increasing.

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