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Cam sites that take amex

You can save the frustration of your American Express card being rejected by taking a look at the unofficial website uk.

It lists UK retailers which do accept American Express and helpfully lets you know if a retailer currently doesn’t.

The card is also fee free and comes with a representative APR of 22.9%.Though more and more retailers like the Aldi are coming on board in the UK, being snubbed at shops and restaurants can be frustrating.If you’re worried about this happening you could try and get the best of both worlds with a duo card account, which provides both a Master Card or Visa and an American Express to spend with that are linked to the same account.Granted the rewards are a bit watered down with the Master Card, but with this account you’ll never miss out on racking up points as you spend as long as you’ve got both with you.Don't worry if you've left cyberhome without your American Express card when you head to that adult Web site.The firm justifies these costs with a premium services for merchants and access to a premium type of customer.Reports show that people who use Amex as their primary card spend more per month on average than other cardholders.But keep in mind that the information from the Who Accepts Amex tool is only indicative, and may not always be up-to-date – so it’s best to check with retailers directly when making a purchase.Using an American Express credit card can be hit and miss, but if you’re looking for a decent cashback or reward credit card they shouldn’t be overlooked.It’s the latest supermarket to change its policy on Amex, joining rivals Lidl, Tesco, Asda, Iceland, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Co-op Food. takes a look at the surprising retailers that do and don’t take American Express and why you might want to consider getting a card that still isn’t accepted everywhere.American Express-issued cards are not as widely accepted as cards operating under the Master Card or Visa schemes.

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