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Characteristics of an intimidating woman

Being in business, I meet A LOT of women with A-Type personalities everyday, and while they are a pleasure to work with, I can see how SOME men won’t align personally with her.

Hell, there are men with A-Type personalities that many WOMEN wouldn’t want to date.

Another common complaint that I get from women is that they think they intimidate men. For a while, I thought I was doomed to a life of not being attractive to women. You see, I like women who are supportive and nurturing and kind and loving. You’ll do much better on a date if you get into your feminine grace and are playful, appreciative and in touch with your emotions.

Also, a lot of single and embittered younger dudes with musty attitudes feel like women are all the same, and all the .

When this comment comes up, it is said for a vast variety of reasons, but unfortunately many of the women who say it are so singularly focused on their perceived slights that they can not assess their beliefs from a broader sense.

As long as you’re stuck in your masculine energy on a date, you’ll repel any man who is masculine… But if you can get into your femininity before you go out, you’ll have a much easier time connecting with men and they’ll feel more drawn towards your presence.

If you think that you’re intimidating men, what you’re probably doing is sending him subtle messages that are telling him that you’re not what he wants in a romantic relationship. Maybe you’d be a good person to consult with when considering a business deal.

FYI ladies: Asking a man when he plans to propose to you every other month within the first year of the relationship is a TURN OFF.

Men aren’t necessarily INTIMIDATED by these women, but we are definitely taken aback at their insistence to progress the relationship as opposed to allowing the relationship to grow at a mutual pace.Consequently, what ends up happening is that far too many of the WRONG women start to believe they are “too intimidating” for men to date, when that is FAR from the truth.It should be no secret that Black women are outpacing Black men in educational achievement and employment so it’s not hard to find a woman who is independent, successful and making great career strides. Corporate Climber is self assured, confident and direct because those skills are necessary for her to survive and thrive professionally.The absolute best part about being able to travel across the country speaking to men and women about relationships, is hearing people’s self-centered ideologies on why they are single, or why they’ve given up on dating and finding love.The way many older men tell it, it’s impossible to find a quality woman with a good head on her shoulders who’s faithful and unburdened by tonnes of emotional baggage.But if you’re not projecting traits that attract a man to you, he’ll never consider you for a romantic partnership, no matter how much you think things should be a different way. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!Like the nice guy, you’ll always end up finishing last. They KNOW that they are ready to be in a serious relationship NOW and they refuse to date a man who doesn’t want the same. Serious before, and although I definitely could see having a serious future with her, her timeframes were so sharp and pronounced that we had very little time to enjoy the moments we spent together.Occasionally, these women unfortunately run into men not entirely sure about where they are headed and what type of relationship they want from a woman, and Ms. Every week was an interrogation about how serious we were when I never stopped being fully committed to the relationship.There are MANY men out there like me who LOVE women with unique, strong and interesting personalities.These are women who speak up for themselves as opposed to being passive-aggressive, and women with seemingly larger than life characteristics.

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