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Some interesting stats: 100k Map Reduce jobs are executed each day; more than 20 petabytes of data are processed per day; more than 10k Map Reduce programs have been implemented; machines are dual processor with gigabit ethernet and 4-8 GB of memory. Everyone knows Google for their large, sophisticated, and fast searching, but they don't just shine in search. The best part is that these videos produced by Google are your frames of reference. I love this content and you REALLY should add this stuff to i Marketing Guru under Scalability 2.0 -- I'll place links to the articles on these types of scalability and you can feel free to give yourself a ton of link love and keep on going on the wiki. Google does search and search alone, they dont shine in gmail, google talk, SDK, spreadsheet, Checout or any other service.sooner or later you will figure it out - when people get smarter and stop pressing links on google ads - google milking cow will stop the cashflow...

Their platform approach to building scalable applications allows them to roll out internet scale applications at an alarmingly high competition crushing rate. I'm going to have to save this and re-read again later.

Everyone knows what's going on and there are so many crazy trends, and what we aim to do is cut a swath through them and go to the heart of the ones that we believe in and the ones we think are not just flash-in-the-pan trends.

Go ahead and start shopping some of the collection -- but don't forget to read on for more of our chat with Isaac!

With social media, we see a lot of celebrities and we're inspired by them, so do have a celebrity who you would like to see wear the new line? You know what, there's a lot of people I would love to see in it.

Can you tell us a little bit about this new collection and how it's different from your past work? It's called IMNYC, which stands for Isaac Mizrahi New York City.

It's almost like a response to social media, in that girls see what's happening right away and everybody follows a million different style blogs.

We already had the Emmys, but with award season coming up, do you foresee any big trends or colors? You know what, I think that tulle is going to be a really big thing -- giant, giant, giant tulle.

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I follow Hamish Bowles -- he's the one person I follow.

If you want to keep you data secure do it your self and be damn sure that what you do works 99.9999% of the time. This article doesn't position Google as being the end all software company.

By Cristina Corvino You may know designer Isaac Mizrahi best for his appearances on Lifetime's "Project Runway All Stars," Bravo's "The Fashion Show" or his own series for both Oxygen and the Style Network -- but now, you'll know him as the designer of your next show-stopping work ensemble (trust us! The acclaimed designer unveiled his brand-new cosmopolitan collection, IMNYC, at the Lord & Taylor flagship store in NYC Thursday night, and we had the pleasure of speaking with him all about it before the fashion presentation with Lord & Taylor's Fashion Director, Stephanie Solomon.

Their goal is always to build a higher performing higher scaling infrastructure to support their products. There is quite a bit of detail here that could help explain some of G's quirks.

just thinking about the massive architecture behind it all just makes my mind melt. Microsoft employs 60,000 employees in 200 countries. I get so sick of these negative, ignorant people attempting to look intelligent at the expense of someone else's work product...

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