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I do know that at some point, the "C" on the stem, which had previously been fabricated with several circles of white plastic and vulcanite, became a simple painted on mark. I hope this is of interest to the many aficionados of old Comoy pipes, and would really enjoy hearing any additional information. It is the top casing that truly defines Grouse-Moor, and the sauce used is the very best blend of essences of any that are employed for Lakeland-style aromatics, managing to be floral and herbal and fruity in delicate balance all at the same time.The essence used by Samuel Gawith is a secret blend of all natural components known only to one employee of that historic blending house.When I cracked open that tin for the first time, I must admit, the scent was bizarre. It was, to me, the British equivalent of Mixture No. I found myself popping the lid, and taking gentle whiffs of that odd Grousemoor aroma.It wasn't the same floral note of the more traditional Lakeland tobaccos, Kendal Flake and the like. The tobacco was a beautiful bright golden color, lighter even than many of the golden Virginia blends I have smoked. Those gentle whiffs became greedy gulps of intoxicating air, and that led to the inevitable and more frequent "occasional" smokes.I can recall the time that I visited the factory in Kendal and the reverence with which the bottle of Grouse-Moor essence was brought out to be sprinkled onto a batch of leaf to fulfill my request for a pound of Grouse-Moor direct from the factory floor.Oddly, to me, at least, it is the extra flavoring that people seem to dislike in this blend.Read more We’ve all got plenty on our everyday To-Do Lists – things like, put on pants, brush teeth, don’t lock your keys in your car. Read more Remember that phenomenon a few years back when we pressed everything from hash browns to quesadillas and chocolate chip cookies inside of our waffle makers? My Dad asked me if I was here to network and I answered… John Loring was kind enough to send me some information on a verified cased set of "Prima" grade pipes, showing "COMOY'S" in upper-case, serif type, with "C" larger than the rest.In the near future, I'll try to include images of the different stampings, but no promises as to when! This pipe has been cleaned, and by my standards, ready to smoke. I have two such estate pipes and they are among my favorites with well-figured and cured briar, spot-on drilling, and comfortable stems. Pipes described as unsmoked have been inspected and polished. If you have old Comoy's and would like to help me in this research, drop me a line with a description of the stampings, the grade of the pipe, and anything you know about its origin, and I'll add this to my files.

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    I've got an estate GBD New Era pipe and everywhere I go to try and find more info about it just tells me it's silly to try and date GBDs because it's impossible. Any GBD experts out there? She's a. So I guess the pipe is from some time between November 3, 1917 and the GBD/Comoy merger about 1981?…