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Consolidating 2 itunes accounts

If you try to merge two sets of DRM music from different i Tunes libraries, you should authorize i Tunes store libraries.

To merge them permanently in Mac OSX, I will demonstrate you how to fix this knotty problem. Make sure update two i Tunes libraries with i Tunes 9 or later and maintain compatibility with the same version. Keep content in the same relative path on the new computer.

And remember: the person who will read your message will not be in a position to change the policy (even if you did hear that your best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with a girl who did get her Apple IDs consolidated), so state your case politely and succinctly in order to let your voice be heard, and then move on. If not, well, then you're no worse off than you are today.

There are lots of songs in common between multiple i Tunes libraries, is there a way to merge two i Tunes libraries without duplicates?

Much simpler to have a consistent answer of "We can't do that, sorry." –Ed.] On the other hand, I did not expect Apple to intervene in the Lodsys issue or back down on subscription pricing, and the unveiling of i Cloud would probably be the best time for Apple to change this policy--if it ever will.

If you think Apple should change this policy, you might be inclined to send a politely-worded message through the proper channels.

Others have only just discovered that they have two IDs.

Most of them have already contacted Apple, only to be given the same answer without exception: Apple will not consolidate Apple ID accounts.

Because I did not pay close enough attention to what I was doing, I brought this on myself.

[Users with Mobile Me accounts that conflict with their Apple IDs may have created them completely without realizing it; see threads here and here.

I discovered that I had inadvertently created two Apple IDs not long after the i OS App Store appeared.

One of the nice things about the App Store has always been that you could re-download purchases free of charge.

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