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Consolidating to gmail

If your other email account is also a Gmail account, go into Gmail’s settings, click over to the .You’ll be prompted to enter your main email address.

After confirming, you can use the Forwarding options on your other account to forward all email to your main email address.

Make sure you click the You’ll have to provide the mail account’s POP settings.

Gmail will automatically check your POP3 account more often if you get frequent emails, but you’ll still have to wait.

To get around the waiting, enable the button in Gmail, so you can check your POP accounts immediately.

You can add any email address you own, even if it doesn’t support the SMTP protocol. If you leave it checked, people will see your primary email address when you email them from another email address.

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If you add a Gmail address, all you’ll have to do is click the button.

If you are like most people chances are you currently have more than one email account.

While there are benefits to having multiple accounts, there may come a time when you decide to simplify and just use one email account for all of your emailing needs.

Once you have, you’ll receive a confirmation link at your main email address.

Click it to confirm that you own your main account.

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