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And friends tend to not necessarily agree with who you're dating. If I brought a man on the show, and they had some things to say, I would hear them out because looking back in the past, when anybody has said something about someone I dated before, I thought, 'Oh, maybe they could've had a point then, too.'" But she's not worried about what they might say, either."I'm not gonna be scared because I'm a very strong person, and I know whoever I date, he's gonna be a boss," Porsha said.

"So no, we'll just walk up in here and be like, 'We're just the bomb.

We here.'" Watch Porsha dish more on her dating life, below.

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It can be difficult dating in the public eye because you don't know what a person's angle is, but I have to kind of set that to the side and just open myself up to try to get to know somebody. Instead, she prefers to meet people through friends, and she thinks one Georgia Peach would be particularly good at finding her a match. She doesn't just know 'Single Porsha' because I was a lot of different Porshas.

I was like 'Married Porsha,' then I'm like 'Turn Up Porsha,' now I'm like 'I'm Ready to Settle Down Porsha.' She knew all of those, and I think she would probably be one to be able to pick a guy who could deal with where I am," Porsha told when asked which Atlanta Housewife she would trust most to set her up. We may not be that cool right now, but if that happens, she would probably be the one." Of course, But Porsha really trusts her sister Lauren Williams' opinion when it comes to finding her a man.

"First of all, I'm really, really close with my sister.

As you see on the show, the whole season, we have our ups and downs, and she knows me through and through. "Sometimes you have certain friends and people you talk to, you tell them one thing, but then inside you're like, 'I really want this.' And she knows what Porsha really wants, and so I would trust her to do that." This has even given Porsha a brilliant idea for a new dating app.

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