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Dating a non committal man

Every time we see each other we have an amazing time and I feel like we really connect.The problem is he tries to hook up with me when we hang out and I don’t want to do that unless we’re back together.

There’s a chance a meteor might hit the Earth and wipe out everything on the planet.

There’s a chance you or I might get struck by lightning.

I was dating this guy for a few months and things were great.

He was fresh out of a relationship when we met and told me off the bat he wasn’t looking for anything serious.

It won’t feel like that if you can step outside yourself and see the cycle for what it is… A relationship IS what it is as it’s happening in that moment.

Dating a non committal man

it will feel like some days you’re getting closer, some days you’re getting further away… and your mind will trick you into believing that if you somehow just found a way to have more days where you got “closer” and less days where you got “further away,” you will eventually reach your goal of having a relationship. People talk about a relationship status or situation as if it’s something to get to or attain. Anything beyond that is just a construct of your mind and therefore… So here are your choices: 1) Keep doing what you’re doing.

It’s about cutting things off with forgiveness for both of you and wishing both of you the best. You think that it’s somehow a path that will lead you to winning and a better future, but the reality is just a continual present-day hell…

It’s about feeling on the inside that you are freeing each other from settling for something neither of you wants… and you’ll just keep getting more of it if you keep on participating in the cycle.

Your responses to him are wishy-washy and his behavior with you is wishy-washy in response. Then, both of you do a “dance” to try and get the other person to “come around” and get on board with what the other person wants.

Both of you are essentially hoping to get what you want without necessarily accepting the whole picture. I think the likelihood of him wanting a committed, exclusive relationship with you is about as likely as you wanting to have a non-committed, open relationship with him.

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