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We don’t really do pickups because they’re cool, we design them to fill a void, but we’re currently working on something more esoteric, like Filter’Trons and Gold Foils, though these aren’t replicas. If you put a whole bunch of contraptions on the headstock of the guitar, my experience is that the guitar doesn’t sound as good and can become unbalanced.When all the bugs are worked out, hopefully we will release them. However, I do think the fact that they [Gibson] are putting automatic tuners on all their instruments is awesome and I’m glad to see they’re embracing the future!One would have to be Jimi Hendrix’s because it started something so powerful.

Furthermore, we’ve come to rely on our own innovations to make the instrument stay in tune and sound great. As far as an 8-string goes, there are no plans at this point to do anything like that. All of this is done to make musicians a more useful musical instrument and because these needs are fairly constant in the guitar community, we find ourselves continually working on new pickups or using different winding techniques.But for the most part, a 10" radius works perfectly for our guitars and most guitarists in the market. John is a genius musician who is one of the fathers of our musical industry.He has been telling me for nearly 30 years that one day my company would be good enough to make him a guitar [].Finally, after playing one of my Paul’s 28 Violin models he said, “Okay, I’m ready to order a guitar.” We made it three times until he was pleased with what he saw on the computer screen.Essentially it’s a Violin guitar with a tremolo, 57/08 humbuckers, rare curly maple, rare ribbon-striped mahogany, a pernambuco neck, and black rosewood fretboard.To get my first guitar off a piece of paper, it took me over three years of drawing and redrawing, cutting bodies, and then more drawing []. and you average the lines, the body shape that comes out looks god-awful.It took a long time to get the body shape to the point that it was comfortable to the eye, comfortable with the way it felt, and comfortable to how it works as part of a musical instrument.[By the way, check out the sound of a low D whistle.] 10.We move forward by trying to identify the goals of Leo and Ted.I’ve never had an artist complain about the 10" radius.However, there have been a few times players have requested a flatter one because that’s what they’re used to. One of my all-time guitar heroes is John Mc Laughlin.

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