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Dating after divorce kids involved

That is a process which might take months, if not years.

Single fathers may feel obligated to spend more time with children rather than try to find a new love interest.

A single dad may also feel self-conscious about appearing to replace the children's mother with another female.

Waiting for a year or more is not unreasonable when younger children are involved.

Single parents may be reluctant to become emotionally involved with someone who may or may not become a permanent part of the family.

For a woman accustomed to having a life partner, deciding how long before dating after a divorce can be overwhelming.

A former wife will need space to rediscover who she is, while mentally and emotionally becoming divorced from a familiar lifestyle.

Suddenly single males and females must realize that the process of emotionally disengaging from a former mate requires patience.

When two people marry, there is a tendency for each personality to become intermingled with the other.

Others may respond by becoming reclusive or reluctant to get involved with another individual because of the pain and anguish of a breakup.

Regardless of the reason, how long before dating after a divorce is really a personal choice.

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