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For the people in despair or the lazy/pragmatic ones, here’s the Google maps link 🙂I’m very curious how you’ve experienced your all Dutch day!

In a culture that obsesses about relationships - who's seeing who, who said what about who, - it is easy to get swept up in the idea that if you're not pursuing one, you're lacking something essential to your life.

by The Dutch are considered to be down to earth, open minded and good merchants, but we lack in one characteristic: patriotism.

We are happy to be Dutch, but rather focus on the things still to be improved than marvel over the beauties we own.

Pass the rose garden, a strange piece of art looking like an octopus (of Rotterdam artist van Lieshout), and take a peek into the museum garden of the Boijmans museum.

At the other side of the park walk straight ahead into the Jongkindstraat and find the Huis Sonneveld at the end on your right hand. The Sonneveld House shows how a prominent Rotterdam family embraced modernism.

However, I want to challenge this belief with living proof that you can find two halves of a whole in yourself!

I won't lie to you or come up with some cheesy quote that Tue, A trial date was set for Rhonda Smalley, the former Highland County Commissioners clerk charged with misuse of a credit card and theft in office, during an initial pretrial hearing Thursday in Highland County Common Pleas Court.Ariane’s mission is to bring creative and structural integrity to all her clients--whether they are artists, executives, organizations, or individuals.Testimonials "Ari finds the bigger truths and motivates me through inspiration."— Steve Weinberg, Marketing Executive, Owner, National Foundry Products, Inc.Okay, maybe Rotterdam babies not, but they probably have visited it in their prams. In the middle of this multicultural neighbourhood there is a little historical gem.Besides being a pleasurable grand café, Dudok owes its popularity to its delicious Dutch apple pie. It’s called historic Delfshaven and stems from the 14th century. This is also the place where in 1620 the Pilgrim Fathers sailed off.It’s popular nationwide and is big, bold and has a beautiful taste. Take a walk in Delfshaven and walk all the way to the end of the peninsula to see a traditional flour windmill. A typical Dutch lunch is kroketten on bread or pancakes with cheese and bacon.Other nice places to visit are the Pilgrim Church, the Pelgrim brewery, and the many nice artistic shops. Kroketten are breadcrumb fried goulash rolls served on bread with mustard. My recommendations for lunch in Delfshaven: beer-lovers can go and have an all-Dutch lunch with beer at the Pelgrim beerbrewery; Sun-lovers enjoy the terrace boat at Café Soif, they have both pancakes as well as kroketten; and culinary food-lovers go to Bij Loes.— Take the tram 8 from the same stop as where you got off.I especially like the free audio tour, it includes a lot of interesting information about living in the 30s and makes the house come to life.An old Dutch art deco Café with a very nice collection of beers.Unjustified in my opinion, because we have many beautiful sights and food to share with you. Let’s start this tour at the beginning, the place where Rotterdam was born.In this blog an all Dutch day in Rotterdam: Dutch food, typical Dutch sights and history, Dutch architecture and design. It doesn’t really look like an old site, but the Markthal is actually a few meters away from the place where in 1270 a dam was made over the Rotte river founding Rotterdam.

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