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The jacket has a stud in front, a middle piece you attach at the back that hangs below and hugs your earlobe, and a fastener. Try Claire’s Accessories, Argos, and Stella and Dot.

However, for the snowflake generation, the meaning has altered to become clothing that makes you feel ‘invested’ in yourself.

In other words, it’s justification for buying an item you believe will score you a job or a partner.

Replaced ‘Bronde’ (a messy brunette-blonde that was huge last summer).

Be warned, though, before you visit your hair director: this year is all about the ‘blondeshell’ — a sun-kissed Hollywood blonde. Investment piece Yes, it is possible to buy some items of high fashion that increase in value (classic designer handbags, pieces of rare haute couture) — which is what this once referred to.

So, ‘true’ insiders are using their own acronyms, words and phrases (with deadly, pretentious seriousness) to exclude anyone not in the know. Here, fashion expert and stylist CAMILLA RIDLEY-DAY brings you the inside guide to the A to Z of fashion-pack speak . There are now web pages devoted to styling your arm with the correct bangles.

This is a trend that is actually possible for all of us to carry off — just as long as your job doesn’t involve typing or driving.AOPPronounced like the Yorkshire ‘eh up, love’, this means All Over Print.Think a very patterned Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, or a clashing, patterned blazer and pair of trousers.Basic No, not your M&S staples, but the ultimate hackle-raising insult.In fashion lingo, basic means to be utterly predictable. .’Duck face The deliberate pouty face to make lips look fuller and cheekbones more prominent during a selfie.Mullet Not a hairstyle which was fashionable in the Eighties, but an asymmetrical hemline where the hem is higher at the front or side than the back (left). This happens when a dress is slit so high it shows off a bony pelvis. PRgument The rows fashion editors have with PRs when they realise they haven’t been seated in the front row next to Anna Wintour — because the Queen bagged their place.MVPMost Valuable Polish, as referred to in Vogue late last year about Helmut Lang’s pink manicures at New York Fashion Week. Boden isn’t exactly high fashion, but they exemplified the nodel trend for years by using real (but good-looking) people. PPW: Price Per Wear Take the price of an item and divide it by the number of times you wear it to work out how much you really paid for it.Today’s backstage crimpers are known as hair directors (possibly as they have the reputation for being fearsome divas).HAIRMERICANOThe glossy coffee-coloured brunette shade that was this winter’s must-have hair colour. A light has been shone on this strange language thanks to social media. And — most importantly — are you OTM (that’s Of The Moment, dahling! You’d be forgiven for thinking the fashion pack are on a different planet, so strange is the gobbledygook they spout.

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