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“As soon as she said ‘yes’, he asked if she wanted to do it again,” said the source.

Nick Lachey’s new album “What’s Left of Me” is a clear and heartbreaking exploration of his very public breakup from fellow singer Jessica Simpson. If so, then Nick Lachey’s new solo album, “What’s Left of Me,” could prove cathartic; If not, it might leave you a bit depressed… ” But he takes an angrier tone in “I Do it For You,” expressing his wish to see her “bleed and see how it feels…” Realizing that he must move on (“I don’t want to waste another day stuck in the shadow of my mistakes”), the title track has Lachey telling a potential lover to make him “whole once again.” His brooding songs, sung in a clear tenor, span different stages of grief, sometimes within the same track – there’s resentment, regret and acceptance in “I Can’t Hate You Anymore” – until he reaches his “Resolution,” pledging his commitment to let go. Set to a pop soundtrack, his pain becomes palpable, raw, universal. Here’s the video for “What’s Left of Me.” It’s pretty good.

Nick Lachey first rose to prominence as the heartthrob of pop quartet 98 Degrees, crooning sappy tunes like "I Do (Cherish You)" and "Thank God I Found You." But what happened to Nick Lachey after his boy band years? Lachey seems to be keeping busy: he's acted on a bunch of TV shows; hosted, produced, and starred in more reality programs; and got married again and had a family.

But if she did cheat, it was the result of something bigger, not the reason we didn’t work... I wouldn’t have to deal with the uncertainty of adultery."In 2006, "What's Left of Me" became his first big solo hit, breaking the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Sometimes I think it would be easier if I had just walked in the house and found her in bed with a guy. And the music video proved to be pretty important, too.

After meeting Vanessa Minnillo in 2006 on the set of a music video, Lachey started wining and dining the presenter-actress.

They split briefly in 2009, then reunited a few months later.

“Jess is living in fear (of) how much he will reveal during the making of the show,” an insider on the reality show revealed.

“They never had a pre-nup, and let’s just say they didn’t depart the best of friends.”February 3, 2006 – More magazine reports that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey recently met up at a hotel room to “sort out” issues between them.

Vanessa's a good girl, and I care about her a lot."He changed his tune soon after; the two wed on an island in 2011.

They've since had children, and the happy parents and their growing brood are often featured on celebrity sites.

February 5, 2006 – ‘Extra’ reports that Nick Lachey was caught ducking out the back door at Hollywood’s trendy Roosevelt Hotel as his rumored girlfriend Elizabeth Arnold walked out the front.

The couple left separately after getting hot and heavy on the dance floor.

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