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" PHOTOS: The cast's best outfits from Pretty Little Liars When it comes to her past loves, Hale joked, "I've chosen some real winners! We're just having a good time." PHOTOS: Young Hollywood's hottest stars Coincidentally, Hale's character Aria is also seeing someone new: martial arts instructor Jake, played by actor Ryan Guzman.

I'm all over the place." But as far as Rogers goes, she told Us, "I'm with a really sweet guy now.

In fact he understands his words are ineffective with me, and for good reason.

And if you have any successful strategies that have worked for you, please feel free to share them with us so that other people might benefit from your experience. Here’s how I tried to get my boyfriend to stop lying: It is possible to get a compulsive liar to change, but he’s going to have to be confronted over and over with the truth of his lying ways, and it’s going to be a long, systematic, and strategic process.

From there I began to weave into conversations (in appropriate contexts) that he has a demonstrated history of not telling the truth, just to reinforce that I don’t automatically buy everything he says now.

No matter how hard he tries to argue against that, I stick to my guns and restate that the past history of lies speaks for itself.

Us: Was it difficult for you to let go of ’s Aria and mold into a new character? ” I’ve never been on a show where there has been a family dynamic — because this ultimately is about family — and it’s just awesome. But, it is important to me that I am playing a girl people can look up to.

LH: Living with that show and that character for that long, we had just done literally everything we could. It’s just now hitting me, a year later, that the experience is over.

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