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Carthage at the time was in such a poor state that its navy was unable to transport his army; instead, Hamilcar had to march it towards the Pillars of Hercules and then cross the Strait of Gibraltar.

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His flight ended in the court of Bithynia, where he achieved an outstanding naval victory against a fleet from Pergamon.

He enacted political and financial reforms to enable the payment of the war indemnity imposed by Rome; however, Hannibal's reforms were unpopular with members of the Carthaginian aristocracy and in Rome, and he fled into voluntary exile.

During this time, he lived at the Seleucid court, where he acted as military advisor to Antiochus III the Great in his war against Rome.

He was afterwards betrayed to the Romans and committed suicide by poisoning himself.

Hannibal is often regarded as one of the greatest military strategists in history and one of the greatest generals of Mediterranean antiquity, together with Philip of Macedon, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Scipio Africanus.

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