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I also think that a lack of mutual respect can slowly lead to a lack of loyalty in a relationship—and I think loyalty is a huge issue nowadays.

And if they ever get married, I believe that couples should always love and be loyal to each other.

To me, that just sounds a lot better than the way dating is done a lot of times today.

You’re going to meet someone the old-fashioned way!

I’m with you 100 percent; it’s what I want for myself, too.

So if you are in a committed relationship right now, or married, or even thinking about getting in a relationship, try doing things the old-fashioned way: be polite and treat your significant other with the utmost respect and dignity.

You might just be surprised at how relevant and helpful the old-fashioned way really is.But in a committed relationship there are only two people, and they stay true and loyal to each other no matter what.So, yes, I still believe that men should be polite to women.I’m not saying that you’re going to be able to marry the first person you date, or even the second.But there should be a point to dating beyond, “This is fun for the moment, so let’s get together.”I don’t think we have to do everything the exact same way today, but I think if we dated with the same kind of morals and intentions as those who dated the old-fashioned way, I think we’d find it easier to find lasting love.My little blurb is short, descriptive, and full of conversation-starting tidbits.When I match with a guy, the first thing he brings up is usually something about music, skiing, Old Fashioned cocktails, or pasta.I believe that men should still open doors, pull out chairs, and treat a woman as they would want to be treated.I believe that men should ask women out on actual dates, and get to know the person as a person, not just look to have sex.It seems their reputation as “the hookup app” (to quote my mom) is outdated.And while Tinder’s shine has recently been eclipsed by other apps—Bumble, Hinge, The League, et al—this statistic is promising overall.

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