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* Estimated, Extrapolated, or Unconfirmed ~ Represents an approximate date *** Tools shown in the photos on this site were returned to functional condition by Virginia Toolworks using museum quality archival preservation techniques.

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The original, unedited version is found at this link ( Susan Reed.shtml). It offers many revelatory insights into the psychology, methodology, motivations, and long term goals of reptilian aliens (long term occupants of inner earth for perhaps 400,000 years) who are engaged in an agenda that is threatening - in the extreme - the continued existence of the human race itself. He enticed her with reptilian secrets such as one about karma and another an alien agreement. (c) Brian using me to get himself transferred out of Spain 1. About the human/reptilian I have unique insights into exactly how a reptilian body-snatches a human. Included are politicians such as Condoleezza Rice, bankers such as the Vanderbilts, famous actors including Tom Cruise, Emma Thompson and tennis star Virginia Wade, and British royalty such as Princess Anne. I later found out that the real reason that Brian had been dating me was to find out about , a higher consciousness course I was taking that was fairly new and unknown to the reptilians (see later my section on anti-higher consciousness). Then after a couple of weeks, an attempt was made on my life. At this time, as well as trying this, Brian attached weapon No. Once you know something, they will try and stop you exposing it. There is no conspiracy or even political books in his house and yet he knows so much.

As humans, we need to confront this threat and DEAL with it (as burying our head in the sand and ignoring the information being presented here is NOT going to help preserve our species). In exchange, she joined forces with him against me. He is a combination of a reptilian spirit in control of a human spirit, having taken over a human body. They reduce our intellect significantly by withholding essential nutrients from baby formula milk. Those who know are killed, such as the scientist that Ettissh describes. They use the universal Law of Abundance to their advantage making debt easy. They intend to live on the planet and are concerned about the environment. It was using a combination of Enhanced Witchcraft and weapons No. I obviously had no intention of writing this book, but one of his Draconian entities remained connected to me for three years using their rule "we stop those before they expose", inappropriately forcing me into this action. He's gone now, at last, but I had to publish the book to get rid of him. This book will be increased in circulation if I need to use my Will, however, the cause of my death will have been the John of God psychic surgery centre. His persona is a jovial cockney (a term for a Londoner).

If we don't stop this reptilian infiltration and takeover, our very existence as a race of people, living on our own mother planet, is in . At the same time, however, she wanted to help out against the reptilians and was instrumental in producing this book. His abduction is described, his remarkable abilities and characteristics, such as advanced mental abilities, and his cruelty and fundamental badness are also explained. Genetic samples Brian collects DNA samples, believe it or not, from women he seduces. They harden our arteries with a toxic substance found in a common food item -wheat. Once in debt, we are more susceptible to negative influences and they can control us better. Space stations They are actually in the earth's atmosphere. Once it was published, he had nothing to stop so he absolutely caused this book. And I must make it very clear that I would never in a million years commit suicide. He has a hidden strength and wisdom that didn't fit with his persona. He was able to memorize long telephone numbers with ease.

It should be noted that the author of this book is limited in her understanding of higher metephysical principles. The reptilian Ettissh doesn't care about the reptilian organization - only himself. Introduction Describes the human/reptilian Brian and about his organization. Surprising for higher dimensional beings, reptilians, when in a human body, are emotinally immature, experiencing profound emotional hurt which lead to 'chips' on their shoulders, resentments, and ego problems. 2.1 WARRIOR DRACONIAN ENTITY GONE ROGUE "SPILLING THE BEANS" ON REPTILIAN SECRETS AND THE INFORMATION IN THIS BOOK. I will call him Ettissh for the purposes of this book. They want this planet for themselves and in order to have it, they must kill us off first. He actually takes a brain sample at night when they are asleep. Silly, he should be kicked out of the organisation. He was an expert on the computer although he did not use this for his "day job".

This list doesn’t include couples who haven’t been confirmed by one or both of the participants.

Sure, you might who Jussie Smollett is dating, but if he hasn’t made that information public, we’re going to respect their privacy.

Their nuptials were overseen by a small Oscar Wilde doll, as every wedding should be.

Not much is known about Spencer beside the fact that he’s a big music fan (The Cure and Morrisey in particular), but he’s reportedly helped Stephen find happiness again, so one can only suppose that that’s a good thing.

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