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Dating relationship widow

Try talking to her about it and if you can't, see if there is a close friend of hers, you can talk to about it.Every bereaved person, no matter how short a time she may have been married, needs to go through the grieving process in order to open up to newer possibilities in life and relationships.She may find the term insulting and feel that her husband, life story and heartache are cheapened by such terminology.

Also be prepared for ups and downs as you get to know each other.

She may want to draw back for some time for no apparent reason.

This is likely to be the result of mixed feelings on her part.

As a woman she may want to seek out your company but as a former spouse, she may still be battling feelings of guilt over dating other men.

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Give her time to grieve If you are dating a widow, find out whether she has given herself enough time to grieve over the loss of her spouse.If she tries to do this too quickly, there may be a bottling up of emotions which may eventually become unmanageable and harmful.So if you find that she has suddenly become withdrawn, sad, reclusive, angry, it is likely that she has not grieved completely and the pain of the loss has come back in a much harsher way.Make her feel special like any other woman out on a date. If she wishes to talk of her loss, let her but move on to another topic when she is ready.Consider implications in case things get serious However if you do want a relationship with her, go ahead but with patience and understanding.The death of a spouse is heart-breaking at any time but when one is young and full of plans for the future, such an eventuality can leave a woman feeling that the ground has slipped from beneath her feet.If you have come to know such a woman who has been widowed quite young and feel yourself attracted to her, here are a few things to keep in mind when dating her.Keep in mind that though young, dating other men is a relatively new experience for her.It has been some time since she has gone out with new men for the purpose of dating and she may still be shaky about its associated expectations and behaviors.Understand that she is not playing hard-to-get like other women but merely taking time to start feeling normal again and get on with her life.Also use words with care around her, for instance don’t talk of the “baggage” she brings to the relationship.

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