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Dating site scammers date scams

To be fair, different people have different comfort levels regarding how long to wait before meeting in person, and it also depends on the frequency and quality of your correspondences.But in general, 3 to 4 months is reasonable to feel comfortable meeting face-to-face.Ladies who are interested in a relationship will not require you to buy them a lot of fancy gifts, so if she asks for something that costs more than 0, you should think carefully.

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You can even ask a lady her comfort level in this regard early in the relationship: “how long would you like to correspond with someone before meeting them in person? The last point to talk about is really not a scam, but can certainly feel like one to Western men if they are not aware and get caught off guard.

This is a red flag, and you should never send money to someone overseas who you have not met in person. After a very short time, scammers or dishonest ladies will begin to ask gentlemen to purchase expensive gifts for them, like luxury watches or jewelry.

Of course, I’m not talking about buying your lady a box of chocolates, but something very pricey like designer clothes and perfume or even cars.

Chinese girls looking for marriage may heavily rely on local dating agencies for help and agree to pay a “success fee” to the agency if she finds a man and gets married.

Since you’ll be the one marrying her, in effect, she has agreed that YOU will pay a success fee to the agency.

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