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THE FARMER WANTS A WIFE is the reality version of GREEN ACRES(for those you may not remember this classic rural comedy show from the mid-1960's that starred Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor)with a hint of several shows added in for measure...LOVE CONNECTION, THE NEWLYWED GAME,and THE DATING GAME come to mind.

The mortified friend is so shocked at the stature of the unsuspected guest, his eyes appear to bulge out of their sockets.

Compare it with our photo of the house which Randolph used for his pictures in this book: click here. If you can download pictures quickly, click on the one to the left and look for the artist's initials.

"R C" is at bottom left - and another set of initials, "E E" is at bottom right.

' one comment pointed out.'This is my favourite video of all time!

The House that Jack Built (1878) The Frontispiece is shown here.

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