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Dating with hpv men

I was into my new boyfriend and wanted to keep my birth control prescription, so I went to the doctor for my annual physical. My results came back as abnormal, so my primary care doctor sent me to a gynecologist.

I stopped her with my loud and confused reply of “huh? My gynecologist didn’t give me much information about it, so I went home and started to research HPV.

To keep a prescription for birth control pills, women need to have a checkup every year.

It’s how they make you go to the doctor instead of skipping it for years on end.

I asked what was wrong and his reply was, “you never know what people can get just by rubbing against each other.” My initial reaction to this was to be insulted; I felt like I was being accused of having something.

After talking for a few minutes though, I found out that this guy had recently received a call from someone he had had sex with.

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