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I just want to remind everyone that we simply don’t have the whole story, and an accurate comparison of lives should include it all don’t you think? Or pursuing that business plan sitting at the back of your file drawer? So, revert your gaze from all the social media posts and remind of yourself of who you are, what you want.

But Cheryl agreed to live with Mark because she loved him.

MORE April 1, 2018 Melanie and Dee both worked for Carl, and both had a crush on him.

Cheryl didn’t want to, but she felt that she would lose Mark if she refused to do as he asked.

His best friend cautioned her against it, because he knew that Mark was only doing it for financial reasons.

Am I looking for a relationship because it’s truly what I’m ready for? Shut the door on all the noise and instead ask yourself what your own priorities are. Pay attention, learn what you can and keep moving forward. If you realize that a relationship is not a priority, then don’t fight yourself.

Do whatever it is you actually want to do with your time.

It’s even harder not to compare your life to theirs and wonder what is going on. No person or relationship is perfect, so if you are seeing perfection, it’s likely falsified in some way.

It doesn’t help that there’s social media and the hashtag #couplegoals running rampant (insert eye roll emoji). Anything on social media is just what people WANT you to see. The same goes for the relationships you see in person, with your friends and their boyfriends or husbands.

Apparently more and more people are getting married later and later in life.

Now is the time where the majority of people my age are still single, and probably looking for ‘the one’. I go through periods where I feel like I need to put myself out there and DATE, because without any effort I’m not going to meet someone right?

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