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Def of elucidating

In Mc Dermott's case, the "Miscellanies" entries during the 1740s and 1750s make possible a new reading of the great works of the Stockbridge period, including Freedom of the Will, Original Sin, and The End of Creation, as part of a concerted effort to respond to Thomas Paine and agnostic Robert Ingersoll as "once audacious voices of American atheism" and erroneously claims that Madalyn Murray O'Hair "introduced the first successful legal complaint against school prayer.

Def of elucidating

Two major randomized controlled trials comparing CABG and DES are either completed or ongoing, and have published results - Synergy Between Percutaneous Coronary Intervention With Taxus and Cardiac Surgery (SYNTAX) and Future Revascularization Evaluation in Patients With Diabetes Mellitus—Optimal Management of Multivessel Disease (FREEDOM).Irony is when you say the opposite of what you mean.When your sentence means the opposite of what you want to convey, it is called sarcasm, which is considered a form of irony.It means roughly, ' Don't obscure, clarify.' But it deliberately makes use of difficult words that are not commonly heard in colloquial speech, nor seen as regularly in writing.It contradicts its own statement of avoiding obscurity by making the sentence difficult to understand.That is, this application has not been sufficiently examined by the Food and Drug Administration for that agency to recommend the use.For "on-label" applications, the FDA "believes that coronary drug-eluting stents remain safe and effective when used for the FDA-approved indications.Stents are indicated to improve the diameter of the coronary artery lumen, when narrowing (generally because of atherosclerosis) causes ischemia (reduced oxygen delivery to the muscle supplied by that artery).however, use in these bypass grafts is an example of an "off-label" use of drug-eluting stents.In this case, it's not the meaning of the sentence itself; it's the words used that conveys the opposite of what you're saying.The true meaning of the sentence becomes apparent only because of context and tone.

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