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" We'd leave the camera rolling for 45 minutes at a time sometimes. GN: The thing is with the 3D cameras, when you stop the camera, the technician would have to come on to recalibrate, and against his will would kill the mood.So I decided for us not to cut the camera and the takes. Karl, was there anything you wouldn't do sexually in the film?

When you're in love, you're going towards the world or space around you. It's weird because the word love can contain different meanings. You can love your father, mother, sister, brother, your friends, your son.

You can also love your present girlfriend or ex girlfriend without being in love with the person.

Karl, how was it to shoot these extremely sexual and passionate scenes?

Karl Glusman: Often when you're extremely emotional, you sort of black it all out.

He'd just fiddle with the lights with our DP and then tell us what just happened in the film and it helped create this anxiety and excitement.

And it's not nice to yell at someone as long as we were, especially when you become friends in real life. GN: I think the most horrible thing was what Karl said to Omi. He asked her "what is the meanest thing I could tell you?

If you are suspicious you will always find a positive answer to your suspicion.

You'll find a text that reads "I miss you" and that's when the monster is unleashed.

I felt like I was on a plane and the grenade was ready to explode.

For two days I thought the movie was over and that I was going to be in major debt.

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