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Does updating to ios 5 delete pictures

Apparently a glitch in ios 9 left it on even though all restrictions were supposed to be disabled. I restore from backup and updated to ios 10 but that didn't help.

I found out that when I switch my notes in the setting from "on my iphone" account to "i Cloud" account, then the problem goes away.

Or say “Send Mom a message” and Siri will ask what you want to tell her. When you’re dictating to Siri, simply say what punctuation you want to use as you speak.

set property camera Overlay View(manual said this property set a view to overlay the preview view.) 2.

Talking to Siri is an easier, faster way to get things done.

You can look stuff up online, send and receive messages, plan your route, and much more.

In order to use Siri, you must have a compatible device, and it needs to be enabled.

For example, when dictating a text, you can say “Hi Mary comma the check is in the mail period”. With one command you can turn the lights in your living room blue, close the shades, and turn on the disco ball.

Starting Siri Enabling or Disabling Siri Community Q&A Siri is Apple's personal digital assistant, and it is able to control most of the functionality of your i OS device with only your voice commands.When I do idevicerestore, this is the output: $./idevicerestore -w custom_NOTE: using cached version data ERROR: Unable to discover device mode. Now I have two more, one is on 8.4.1 though so it's out of luck. Using apps I still have from the i OS 6 period it flies! I have an i Phone 4S still running i OS 6.1.0 fresh out of the box it came in (never updated).Would this tool also work for upgrading it from 6.1.0 to 6.1.3 for the 3G bug fixes and battery fixes included after the initial 6.1?And the more you use Siri, the better it knows what you need at any moment.Just say “Hey Siri” before a request, and Siri does it. For example, say “Send a message to Mom that I’m running 15 minutes late” and Siri will write her a text.I've reset the phone, I've done a clean system install - nothing works. As i remember, it happen after updated to the latest i OS, yes 9.3.2. I was then told that the other 4 people had reported this problem had also reported this same problem to him after impairing a watch. Having same issue except mine is a refurbished 6 plus from Asurion. So hopefully Apple puts out a new update to fix this issue so I don't have to wait for a new phone. and upgraded to i OS 9.3.2 today so that I could download an app. Same issue with i Phone 6 on ios 9.3.2 & now 9.3.3. I tried everything from hard reset to factory restore ( as new ) Restrictions.Definitely the rear mic that is used for front cam video. Everything seems cool so far EXCEPT Siri doesn't respond when I hold down Home button. Turn on Restrictions and then turn off the restriction for Siri. It worked like this but I decided to turn back off or Disable Restrictions completely.Or use coolbooter to dualboot 6.0 - 7.1.2Yes he can.First downgrade to previous i OS 9.x firmware (blobs needed) with idevice Re Restore (there's a tihmstar video), jailbreak with Home Depot, install openssh, then apply the method in this video.And do I only have to copy what this tutorial says; I don't have to download anything besides what's shown? I just wanted a phone that worked, but the 4S has become practically unusably slow and bogged-down under i OS 9.So I want to downgrade to see if things work better. Could still be useful, if it could be frozen in time.

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