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His travails over the past seven months have included planted cocaine, taxes, seizures, car accidents, arrest, and much more.

Dawn’s family is convinced that David is a scam artist.

"Over the next few days you will see some big changes coming to the Seeking homepage, as we start to focus our messaging on the positive qualities of being sugar daddies and sugar babies," Wade writes on the blog. They are win-win relationships formed as a result of two people (a modern sugar daddy and a goal seeking sugar baby) who were brutally honest with each other up front." See what Dr.

Phil this Friday, September 16, on CBS, and let us know what you think!

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Wade is now fighting back, defending what he believes to be a legitimate and legal arrangement between consenting adults: "While I am open to debating issues (such as the merits of sugar dating) with logic and reason, I am honestly appalled when educated and intelligent people resort to name calling in an effort to create TV buzz." He notes that Seeking, like all dating sites, is sometimes the victim of users who misuse the service and break the rules, though he promises members that they take these transgressions seriously and do their best to prevent them from happening.

As a result of this recent negative coverage, Wade says that he believes it is "time to take the focus away from the question of whether 'sex' and 'money' is involved in a sugar relationship," because "'sex' is always involved in any romantic relationship and because 'money', too, is always exchanged in any relationship." In an effort to propagate positive views of the sugar lifestyle, Wade says that big changes will be coming to Seeking

Phil Mc Graw will take on the hot topic of "Sugar Baby Students." "College girls and recent graduates who are struggling with mounting debt and a weak job market are turning to websites, such as Seeking, that introduce them to wealthy men who, in exchange for companionship -- and maybe sex -- help them pay their bills," says the episode description on Dr

" The episode will feature thoughts from 4 sugar babies, a former prosecutor and CNN analyst, and Brandon Wade, the founder of Seeking - and sparks are guaranteed to fly. Phil chose to work with Seeking rather than other sugar daddy dating websites to create a segment to educate the world on the sugar lifestyle," Brandon Wade wrote on the dating site's blog, "I was not too happy with the approach taken by the show's producers." Though he initially thought that appearing on the show would facilitate "an intelligent discussion into the sugar lifestyle" and be "an opportunity for me to showcase that sugar babies were intelligent and goal-oriented ladies, while sugar daddies are respectful gentlemen," Wade feels that the experience turned into something completely different once the cameras were rolling, all in the name of creating controversy.

A former linebacker from the University of Tulsa, Dr.

Phil Mc Graw is a popular television personality with a daily syndicated talk show. Phil rose to fame when he started a seminar called Pathways designed to help individuals realize their full potential.

Have today’s guests been victims of online dating scams?

Dr Phil opened the show by sharing a seemingly loving statement about someone who is happy and affectionate toward a partner.

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