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Dreamweaver template update not updating pages

You add, delete, or modify the content of the template.

Editing a template differs from editing other pages because you can define new editable regions, or lock editable regions. 2 In the Templates palette, double-click the template.

AND You change a non-editable portion of the page (if you make a change in an editable portion of the page that change won't pass through.

This code takes the form of HTML comments scattered throughout the page.

You will always have the following line after the Without the above, the child pages will not respond to the template. Unless the existing pages match up with the template exactly, you are going to have all kinds of problems getting the template to play nicely with the existing content.

Doing to the page when the page is already fully formed will generate a dialog box that asks you map the content to the editable regions in the template.

But if the rest of the design elements vary from what the template contains, Dreamweaver will preserve those tags alongside what the template will introduce which usually creates a ton of duplicated tags and broken layouts.

If you want to make changes to the design of a dwt file then just open it as you would any other page and make the changes using code/design view.

When you save it will update the other pages linked to that template.

Here are the instructions for Defining your website in Dreamweaver Twaf 2.

You are connected to a Network or Router, and your computer has had the Network Mapping changed or altered (unknown to you).

The second situation where you would find the DW Library pages not updating is ‘after’ you have started to build your website, it’s been updating the web template pages.. This is one of the reasons it is important to understand how to verify the code in your pages a you work on them. All you need to do, is activate this space then FTP your website up to your Sandbox so we can take a look. click on the green ‘Intructions’ button, located to the right of your product thumbnail ..

We’ve created a series of tips to working with the tools provided by DW to verify your Library page updates to ensure your updates are clean… working with containers Bc Nu Qc M here’s the second tip.. this will take you to your Product Management page 3. click the ‘Activate’ button located under the ‘Web hosting..’ heading 4.

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