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The labels are available in different materials and adhesive options.

Labels with a synthetic material hold up very well in wet environments.

When your customers take products home, that little tag can re-enforce your brand and help to potentially create conversation about your store with family, friends, and neighbors.

In addition to marking prices, retailers use these tools to include additional information about the product on a label.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

The largest market segment to use labeling guns still remains to be retail.

It will depend on how you want everything to display, the number of characters you need for each piece of information, and label size. You can label by marking the item itself, the box, or the master case with your product number and/or code.

Custom printed wording on the labels can help to further identify each piece of information that is being marked on the label. This can help improve product traceability all the way through to final purchase.Over the past decades, barcoding POS systems have obviously become common place and have reduced the use of hand held price marking.However, barcoding systems can be expensive to implement and even if one is in place, we find that shoppers like to see prices clearly marked on their items.Perhaps you would like to mark the received date of a product so you can clearly see how long it’s been on the shelf.As retail continues to evolve and change, hand held labeling guns still remain a very viable solution for many retailers.Coding and item identification is very common for retailers.Anything you think might help in the organization, sale, or record keeping processes is able to be printed with no more effort than just pricing would be.If you need three pieces of information to print on the label, don’t just assume you must have a three-line tool.We often find that everything will work well with a two-line label gun.Dates can be used to educate your customers regarding perishable food items, as well as your own knowledge for your product inventory.Preprinted phrases on the label can include Best By and USE BY followed by the variable date that the label gun would print.

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