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A pro- posal to rename Shea for Robinson will be considered by the City Council.

The Simon WIesenthal Center's Museum of Tolerance is presenting an exhibit honoiing Robinwn that will tour stadiums starting at Shea on Tuesday and will be at the All-Star game in Cleveland in July.

We're brothers'" Getting to campus took some planning fo( the Lathams. we would we the station wagon, and my brothen, or t wxiuld park ii really crooked or close to another car. Cruiaa l Hl*ri Nalt*n tefvtoaa: (206) g71-d Ext C57e82 CRUISE SHIPS HIRINO- Earn 00/ month plus free world travel (Europe, Catlbbean, etc.) No ex- perience naceasaty. DRIVERS, PACKER, HELPERS wanted Excel lent opportunity to make good money in KC area. Will train Fry Wagner Moving and Storage Call Darin Bald- win (91 3)541 -0020 axt. No experience neces- saryl ) 800-827-2e32 ex- tension Ml 5401. Qualified students should be enthusiastic and moti- vated, enrolled through Spring 1398 or beyond. LOOKING FOR a great aum mar job7 Make an average Of t SOOO painiing housaa in southern Johnson County, No esparianca neceatary Gal your ttiendt together to form a craw (913)393-1300 Or (913l829-«842 MANE UP In SS par boar We era looking for mature, happy, depend- able, people who enjoy lelking on the telephone. S6,26 per hour to start and bo nusei Apply in person at 2601 Andaraon second floor suits 20S between 1pm.

El a ajuns cu un camion pana in Etiopia si, de acolo, cu avionul, la Londra.

Dimensiunile impresionante ale azilantului ii costa insa pe britanici destul de mult.

"As people discuss Jack, it's oftei) as a mar- tyr," she said "They overlook the joys he had, tite exhilaration of winning, the joys of his children and his home Think ofthe total man, not just in terms of integrating sports " See l Otl NSON, Poge S THE LATHAM FAMILY lias hod at least one member of the family attendirig K Slate for the lasl ten yeors, ond is expectmq possibly aoalh- «r nine to 1 years before K-Slate doesn't hove a lolhom attending The Lothoms cutrenlly at home: (Clockwise from lop left) John, Andrew, Kathlsen, Del, Mark, ioe, Tom, ond his wife Anne Morie. "The town we live in, I really like," Del Latham said "I've been on the planning commission, and president of the chamber of commerce, and worked with the EMS office. Studio $230 up 1 Bedrm $300 up 2 Bedrm $340 up 3Bedrm $4S0up 539-8401 TWO. VERY NICE tour-badroom townhouis, thraa bath, wathai/ dryar, all ap- pllancei %2W paraon. 10X 25- S63 Nlltltti«MWl WE PAY YOU TO LOSE WBOHTI Lose weight and feel great with Herbalile, Call Amy 537-3301 EMPLOTMENT'CAREERS Hwp Wf Mro S6i Manhattan City Ordl- nanea 4814 aaaurea every paraon aqua) op- porlunlty In aacuring entf holding amploy- mant In any field of wofk CH labor for which h W she la property ^ua44- fla^ regerrlle BS of race, aaa, ml Tilary eiaitua.

Latham family carries Cat spirit through for 10 years STORV BY JERA MCGRAW • PHOTO BY CL(F PALMBERG he K- State flag flying outside the Latham family home is appropriate for rea- sons that go beyond symbolic Wildcat sup- port There has been a Latham on campus every year for the past 10 years Originally from Wisconsin, Del Latham said he has always been a country boy at heart Living in Long Island made Latham want a small-town way of life. It's a great place to work " Since theit move, the Lathams have become loyal K- State supporters Five of their children have cither attended K-State or arc now' doing so. All the Latham children lived at home while attending college. THREE, four-bed- room, centrel eir, dish- washer, one and one-halt bath* Laundry facilities. TWO BEDROOM APART- MENTS large rooms, up- dsted kitchari and baths. 1997 KANSAS STATI COLLEGIAN TWO-BEDROOM, 1I8S plu« dapoiii, no tmotimg, no p«t(. Call Anthony 7 76-3843 oi Ef » l«— WAMEGO SELF Storage. 41a- abillty, religion, age, eolor, netlonel origin or ancestry.

Acting commissioner Bud Sellg and Rachel Robinson, Jackie's widow, will join Clinton at the ceremonies.

Earlier this month, Rachel Robinson was at Long Island University's three-day symposium in tribute to her husband and expressed some concerns. 466 2749 SX 10 , t OX 10 (49, 10X 15 , 10X 30- t B4.

"A friend of my oldest brother said 'You guys sure kn«w each other pretty well. One end one-half blocks to Ahearn 587-7082 THREE BEDROOM, 930 Oi*ga. Equal op- portunity employer ;/ Now leasing for 1997-98 •2 bedrooms *'/^ block from campus •Furnished Showings every Mon,, Tuci, and Wed. or by appointment 1 851 Anderson Place « 1 5 776-1222 COSSOSSEE (kah' huh seel 10 Sllvertnlna DR., South Salam, NY 1D6S0. Part-time by May 15 Mult have ex- perience with horse end farm work. smoker, non-drinker, dependeble Call 776- 7900 HELP WANTED Rool Truss Manufacturer. pleese epply by turnmg in a resume end cover letter to Dave Bell at 314 Mc Cain by Apnl 16 Please include all relahve experience and colleoe courias that qualify you tot thi* po*ition.

Are you all in the same house'*' meaning fraternity We were aboul to sa) ny, but then we li Hiked at each other and said 'Yeah, wv're all in the same house. CRUISI AND LAND TOUR EMPLOYMENT Discover how to work in ex- otic locations, meet fun people, white eerning up to 12,000/ month in Iheas ex- citing Induatriei. 5107 Murray Rd 776-5081 IT PAYS TO LOSE MCMIHTI I lost IB pounds end earned 9600 income in my lirst monih. your student redio station, ii hiring for the po Bition of Assistant Promotions Director. For more information, cell 532- 2331 Add tadio to your re- sorrw.

l*gn4itu MJul hup //collagion ku «dti Professionals offer help with tax returns to students ^Inwoaf T Hoying probl«ms or queshons filling M your ks ioniii.

(he Kansas Diparli Mlaflswi M itvdwdkigliall Ke hours until 9 p m.

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