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He conducted military expeditions to the shores of Caspian Sea and raided Byzantine cities.Prince Ehor followed him, in 912, who not only continued external raids but also had to fight insubordinate tribes of Ulitchs and Derevlans. His wife Olha revenged his death by brutal suppression of Derevlans.

They were followed in 5th-6th centuries by the Bulgars and Avars.

The exact origin of Slav people is unknown, but it can be assumed that they existed for a long time before they were mentioned in historical records by Romans in 1st century AD.

In 964 she became a Christian and established her son Svyatoslav on the throne.

Svyatoslav was an able and courageous prince; he fought Asian hordes in the East and conducted raids on Bulgaria.

They were replaced in 5th century BC by Scythians, who ruled till 2nd century BC; Sarmatian tribes then replaced them.

Later in 1st century AD the tribesmen of the dominant horde were called Alanis.

A very strong Slav tribe called Wends developed in 4th century; their settlements extended from central Ukraine up to Baltic Sea.

When in the 6th century they moved to Southwest Germany, Antes became the dominant tribe in Ukraine.

There were numerous tribes in Ukraine, some nomadic, some agricultural; most of the time at war with each other.

The oldest known main inhabitants of Ukraine were Cimmerians.

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