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) administrative assistant at a major publishing company (,500, I think. ) freelance editing college admissions essays (0 each) Then I got into my current field about 12 years ago: ESL textbook publishing.

College were essentially two international internships. When you go back and edit your post, consider putting the dates in each. On entrepreneurial income, you talking revenue or operating profit? I’m very impressed that you keep chasing happiness and not money. I’m done with that though and I’m all about self employment now. My current employer is always pushing 5 year plans, but it really is so difficult to truly plan a life of any interest.I also worked in a doughnut shop at am on Saturdays my last two years of undergrad. sounds early until you realized I just stayed up from the night before and my co-worker picked me up where ever I was.The Naughty America studio makes the dreams of any man come true.If you can dream it, you will have it with American Daydreams 19.\r\n The sexy Kagney Linn Karter has not received the attention she needs from her husband.Mark List Of Sex Cams and its FREE sex webcam sites, live adult chats, pay pornsites and famous camgirls. I was telling a friend the other day how funny it was that I almost became a Secret Service Agent once (he didn’t believe me, but it’s totally true! And I’m sure I’m missing a few jobs in there too somewhere but oh well…I have categorized work into four quadrants, 1) paid well and love what you do, 2) paid well and hate what you do, 3) paid poorly and love what you do, 4) paid poorly and hate what you do. door-to-door fundraiser for NYPIRG (that was on commission, but I got a lot of free beer out of it — while I was still 16!Number 1 is obviously the ideal situation, 2 and 3 are a gray area and it really depends on how much you like/dislike your job and how much/little it pays. ) Latin tutor sandwich board advertiser shelf-stocker/cashier at Woolworths (.25/hr) college cafeteria worker (.25/hr, but the smell would stay on you for days) college information desk worker (.75/hr, but I didn’t smell anymore) reception/customer service for an engineering company one summer paid graduate student (loved that fellowship!people would go on PJs to work) and excellent time flexibility Sw Dev/QA/QA lead (K/year): My current job, being here for a looooong time and loving it!Basically I get to say what will be delivered to the customers according to quality standards, I don’t do any programming and just review what other people do ;).

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