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Wow, I just recieved a bogus check, I took it to my bank and they called their bank. My bank said they had about 20 of those bogus checks so they could see the people whom were sending them. I e-mailed these people back told them I had reported them to FTC. Should I give u their information, so that you can look into this futher.It is really odd that I would get this email from u today.

If you get involved, it’ll be your name and address that the police find on the shipments.

Here’s the bottom line: If someone you don’t know — and that includes someone you met online — asks for personal or financial information, don’t respond.

The world we live in is becoming ever more consumed by technology, and there is no indication that the trend is about to slow down.

But while experts tend to agree on how cyberspace will change in the future—becoming less obvious yet even more ingrained in our day-to-day lives—there is disagreement over how it will change “It is striking how much consensus there is among these experts on what will change, and equally striking how varied their answers are when they are asked how those changes will impact and influence users in good and bad ways,” said Janna Anderson, co-author of the Imagining the Internet Project, a joint study conducted by the Pew Center and At the crest of the coming techno-tidal wave is the Internet of Things, which will bring objects, people, pets, and products online, giving way to a smart, automated planet that knows more about us than we do—and an augmented, virtual reality, which will lead society somewhere between Google Glass and Some leading experts in technology have issued a dire warning about the future state of the Internet.

I wish I would of seen this article before I deposited it, I to was hard up for work& I took out my pay and when my bank tried to clear it there oh# were off& now my bank thinks I was in on it, what a scam Dears I aplay for green card lottery online to travle to Amrica but one day get an email and let me nkow as I'm saletting for greeting card and use it ofitioal US site for and ask me for filling form and fer nex send me anther email anle let me fill anther form as he attached with email and ask me to pay filling fee for submation form and by email send me a ustren unen bnak name in Bankok in Tyaland and I sended the money on 1 of aogast 2015 and celling me ansk me to pay for my spos as well too and after i pay for my spose too it is got $860 , and day after send me anther email and attached an aplcation form too and ask me to pay 2292 but i get information as this is scam when i all to US sis naw i i nee refund my money back pleas help me I'm form iraq i borw this money. i was just offered a position as logistic manager reshiping packages to europe from usa/ they did not asked for any bank account info yet but they did asked for my drivers lisence number and a bill to verify my address. The Scammer seeks assistant blog post, and another blog (Scammers say “Help Wanted”) explain how the scams work.

Please read the details and compare it to what's happening to you.

The instructions he gave about the ATM caused me to distrust him. He contacted me through a legitimate VA site (although I think this is third time I've been contacted by a scammer through this site?? I have the cashier check right now along with all the tracking information and the envelope it was mailed in with that address. If your name is chosen in the Lottery, you can apply for a Green Card. It is very difficult to get money back after you use a wire transfer.

I never did accept the check and he hasn't responded to my last email. I believe there is some way that he is trying to commit identity theft. Do I take this check to my bank and say its a possible fraud or what do I do? If you sent money to a bank, contact the bank fraud officer. can you help If you give someone the personal information from your license they can use it to commit identity theft.

In another twist, he’s in a bind and asks you to forward a package of ‘machine parts’ he’ll have delivered to your home.

The packages he wants you to forward might have anything from fake checks to stolen goods to electronics bought with stolen credit cards.

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