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The Nail is a surfer spot perfect for any meal of the day — it even offers a menu for your dog.The posh beach town isn’t one you’ll want to leave soon, so book a vacation rental and waste the summer away.

The menu features locally grown produce to get you living like a local.

Relax with a brewery or winery tour (or both), followed by food at The Rusty Nail.

Trek up to the top of the lighthouse for a bird’s eye view of the city, and wrap up the day with a trip to Square Grouper Tiki Bar.

The waterfront spot is perfect for sipping frozen cocktails and escaping reality.

This beautiful beach offers a host of creative spaces, from local art to a live theater.

Spend your time with natives at Wayfarer restaurant on the beach.

Christian is longtime friends of designer Tommy Hilfiger.

It seems the pop star is already close to the agent's family, as she took a girl whom looked a lot like Christian's daughter Bella to the show with her.

The singer and her 35-year-old ex-fiance called off their engagement in July.

Taylor had proposed on Valentine's Day in 2015 after the pair were together for four years.

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