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Headline feed gadget not updating

If there is , an icon will appear directly above the navigation buttons.

headline feed gadget not updating-22

To the right are four : One to Close the application, one to Minimize it, one to Refresh (access the data feed again), and a Help button to access this page. If you do not have the latest version, please download it here.

You ("the User") are advised to ensure that you take precautions to protect your computer from virus infection.

FOX News will not be liable for any claims, actions, demands, losses, damages and/or costs which the User may sustain or suffer as a result of or connected to the software.

If you are prompted to register Navigator as your default browser, click 'Yes'.

Otherwise, quit Netscape and: In a folder in the 'Netscape Users' folder (default location is C: Program Files), find and edit (e.g., using Notepad) the file named 'prefs.js' (remember to make a back-up copy first), by changing "true" to "false" in the line that reads 'user_pref("ignore_def_check", true);'.

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