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On other really scary thought I never see mentioned is….

what happens to the tens of thousands of violent criminals in prisons??

The violent elements in these areas are constantly looking to explode their violence at a moment’s notice when the opportunity happens.

We have written several times about how major population groupings (ie cities) will collapse ‘shortly’ after the essential elements of life cease to smoothly flow in to them as needed.

When there’s no water, no sewage, no food, no gas and no electricity, things will unavoidably get very nasty.

Even now in “quiet” times LE staffing is usually based on the lowest number of officers to reasonably handle a “normal” day.

Any event(s) beyond “normal” immediately overwhelm on-duty forces.

Planned events like anarchists protesting the latest capitalist conference allow time to plan for enough ON-DUTY personnel (plus resources from other agencies) to be available when violence breaks out.

In most major metro areas there are areas the police routinely avoid because they’re too hazardous.

Now that he can ‘tell it like it is’ we asked him in particular about something that opinions widely vary on – will the police bravely ‘man the battlements’ and fight to the last man in a failing and doomed effort to save civilization, or will they adopt – as he suggests above – a ‘my family first, everyone else second’ approach when they see the inevitability of a city’s collapse.

Dan replied : When I first started on the PD in the 70′s I was stuck in the Comm room and on boring nights I’d actually read the Civil Defense binders (HUGE things) full of detail, much theoretical.

We (cops) talked openly in the Comm Room about what we’d do and we decided we’d immediately leave our posts and spend our remaining time with family.

The point being alerting totally clueless and incompetent “leaders” would do nothing except add to the panic and confusion over which we (cops) would have ZERO control over.

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